Sculpting Your Day Away

Consider these elements when planning a personal retreat.

  1. Deceleration
    Catch your breath.
    Enjoy the activities you find relaxing and fun…hiking, reading, napping, cross-stitch…the sky is the limit!
  2. Preparation
    Journal. Write a letter to God – pour out your heart. Take a walk.
    Ask yourself, “How am I doing – really?” Invite God into your inner chamber and these hours of rest.
  3. Adoration
    Recognize God for who He is. Worship unashamed and with an undistracted heart. 
    Don’t shy away from singing or humming. Read Psalm 100 out loud.
  4. Meditation
    Read through a short book from the Old or New Testament.
    Take the time to write out the verses, phrases, or words that speak to your heart. Use 2 colors of pens and use these words as a launching pad for prayer.
  5. Supplication
    Lift up and lay down each burden.
    Reflect on the promises of God. 
  6. Celebration
    Savor this day away. Enjoy every single thing that refreshes and energizes you – guilt-free.