A 3 Degree Difference


Living very close to the Solar Totality Pathway, I was content to remain where I was. I believed that 97 to 98% totality would still be a spectacular sight to behold. I was wrong … and terribly disappointed.

My “97% Totality” experience was completely uninspiring. Wearing my special glasses, I could look up and see the moon basically covering the entire sun, but the little remaining light was amazingly effective. It kept my corner of the globe very lit up. The daylight was simply muted, even with only 3% of the sun’s rays coming our way. I have a whole new respect for the power of the sun. Oh my goodness!

My husband and son packed a lunch, jumped in the car and went full tilt, desiring to experience the solar eclipse at 100% totality.

Their experience that day was fabulous and inspiring. They experienced complete darkness, falling temperatures, a 360° orange glow at the horizon, visible stars, the glow of the corona, the ability to look up at the sun with naked eyes, and with the help of a camera, Joe took photos that showed some dazzling solar flares. Once it was all over they texted, “Amazing! Remarkable!”

3° made all the difference.
It was a day of lessons learned.

#1. Light has the upper hand in dark places.
Lovers of God, let your light shine!
Light shatters darkness and love makes a difference.

#2. 100% totality and 97% totality is a world of difference. There is no comparison.

I believe it is the same for a life surrendered to God.
When we neglect the work of inventory and full surrender of …

  • 100% of our attitudes
  • 100% of our actions and reactions
  • 100% of our apathy

… our lives are ultimately lackluster and uninspiring.
Oh – there is a difference, but it is muted at best and lacks any “wow!”

The world needs wow.
The world needs Jesus.

Jesus sends us to make a difference and turn heads by the full surrender of our lives.

  • To love with abandon
  • To give above and beyond
  • To forgive seven times 70
  • To  _________ (You fill in the blank.)

This week, I have a standing invitation to meet with God in my Secret Place (Psalm 91:1 KJV) to inventory and surrender.

Even so, I will be a “work in progress” until my dying day. God’s grace is NEW every morning.
Thank God!

May we live, 100% …